Thursday, June 05, 2014

Parse CSV Text File to Data Table Using C#

Find below a code that parses the CSV text file and give you the records as a Data Table


Using Section

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Data;
using System.IO;
using System.Linq;


Methods for Parsing CSV

public static DataTable ReadCSV(String filename) {
    var csvData = new DataTable();
    StreamReader csvFile = null;
    try {
        csvFile = new StreamReader(filename);

        // Parse header
        var headerLine = csvFile.ReadLine();
        var columns = ParseCSVLine(headerLine);
        columns.ForEach(c => csvData.Columns.Add(c, typeof(String)));

        var line = "";
        while ((line = csvFile.ReadLine()) != null) {
            if (line == "") // Skip empty line
                ParseCSVLine(line) // Parse CSV Line
                    .OfType<Object>() // Convert it to Object List
                    .ToArray()   // Convert it to Object Array, so that it can be added to DataTable
            ); // Add Csv Record to Data Table
    finally {
        if (csvFile != null)

    return csvData;

private static List<String> ParseCSVLine(String line) {
    var quoteStarted = false;
    var values = new List<String>();
    var marker = 0;
    var currPos = 0;
    var prevChar = '\0';

    foreach (Char currChar in line) {
        if (currChar == ',' && !quoteStarted) {
            AddValue(line, marker, currPos - marker, values);
            marker = currPos + 1;
            quoteStarted = false;
        else if (currChar == '\"')
            quoteStarted = (prevChar == '\"' && !quoteStarted)
                ? true
                : !quoteStarted;
        prevChar = currChar;
    AddValue(line, marker, currPos - marker, values);
    return values;

private static void AddValue(String line, Int32 start, Int32 count, List<String> values) {
    var val = line.Substring(start, count);
    if (val == "")
    else if (val[0] == '\"' && val[val.Length - 1] == '\"')


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