Friday, January 20, 2012

Authentication modes for Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server provides two authentication modes.

  • Windows Authentication Mode (Default)
    • Users can access SQ Server databases based n their windows login credentials
  • SQL Serer Authentication Mode
    • Separate credentials are created within SQL Server.

ADO.NET: Intro

ADO.NET is the abbreviation of ActiveX Data Objects for .Net Framework
ADO.NET is a common library designed by Microsoft to provide generalized classes and interfaces for extending data access client objects.
There are many data providers implemented ADO.NET. Major implementations are.
  • ADO.NET for ODBC- Microsoft
  • ADO.NET for OLEDB- Microsoft
  • ADO.NET for Microsoft SQL Server- Microsoft
  • ODP.NET (Oracle Data Provider for .Net Framework)- Oracle
  • ADO.NET for IBM DB2- IBM

Converting byte[] to integer

You can convert an integer value to byte array using BitConverter.ToInt32 method

Converting integer to byte[]

You can convert an integer value to byte array using BitConverter.GetBytes method


Thursday, January 19, 2012

String in Memory

In .Net Framework, string data type always holds Unicode data in memory.