Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Types of Applications with .Net Framework

We can classify the applications into the following categories


  • CUI Applications- Primary interface will be a Console, which can basically support characters alone.
    • Console Applications
  • GUI Applications- Primary will be a window capable of showing rich graphics
    • Windows Forms
    • WPF Forms
  • No-UI/Background Applications- Will be running in background and do the intended work or will support other application types
    • Windows Services
  • Web Applications- Will be deployed in a web server and provide interface
    • ASP.NET Web Forms Applications
    • ASP.NET MVC Applications
  • Services- Provides business logic to other application types
    • ASP.NET Web Services
    • WCF Services



  • .Net supports showing GUI from Console Applications
  • WCF services can be hosted in any type of services

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